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QME Educational Programs

Educate, Train, & Mentor

We are here to guide you through the path of becoming a certified QME. 

For starters, we will provide all the training and education needed to pass the QME Exam. 

We have our team of experienced QME’s, report writing editors and workers compensation lawyers in house to answer all your questions to help accelerate your learning curve.  

After you pass the exam and complete the required report writing course, we will continue to provide support to hone your skills as a QME, especially in writing your reports from our polished staff editors. We are committed to developing you to be the best!  


There are many choices in your educational process and want to offer options that fit your style of learning. Below is a breakdown of the many ways to approach this and when you are ready, we are here to help design a plan that works for you. ​

1. Pre-Exam Study Guides and Reading Materials you can read on your own.
3. Exam Prep Online Distance Learning Option - open book home study programs supported by our teachers who will critique and provide direct feedback on your homework
2. The 12 Hour Disability Evaluation Report Writing Course
5. Group Training Sessions & Classes  

6. Private Training Sessions & Classes 

7. On going 1:1 Consultations with our Memsco Support Team as needed.

8. We also have hourly courses available covering impairment, rating and new case law 
9 CE Credits - 12 continuing education credits are required every 24 months by the Department of Workers Compensation and will provide a wide variety of reading materials to receive your credits. 
4. Exam Prep & Report Writing Course In Person- consists of a 6 hour seminar on report writing followed by a 90 minute exam prep class all in person. Plus an additional 6 hours of home study to complete the report writing requirement. 
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