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Become A Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in California
Supplement your income by providing evaluations and writing reports on behalf of injured workers.
Medical Exam Management Services Company "MEMSCO" vision is built on our commitment to provide above all exemplary service to our most coveted asset, our physician clients.
Start Supplementing Your Income Now

Our client physicians enjoy our "wraparound support team", who are focused on taking care of all the logistics and details in this complex QME world so they don’t have to.

Concierge Service

We take pride as our clients virtual front and back office management partner - covering every step for them before, during and after they conduct a QME exam and write their report.

Educational Programs

We will help you become a certified QME, teach you report writing and insure you stay current with your continuing education. 




Get QME Certified

Industry's most comprehensive  on boarding and continuing education services


Join the Team

Connect with a MEMSCO representative and get started with your location preferences through our proprietary technology


Start Evaluating

24/7 real-time visibility with your exam schedule timelines


We are your virtual front and back office that covers all your QME management services! MEMSCO has accomplished this by developing wraparound support for our physicians with experienced staff, streamlined processes and use of digital automation to deliver superior concierge service. We are committed to quality and execution, so high that all our physicians can focus on conducting exams and writing reports, it’s our job to handle the rest! 

Whether you’re new to the Qualified Medical Evalutor (QME) business or if you’re a seasoned QME veteran, MEMSCO is your end-to-end solution for a successful experience.  From panel selection to report completion, we are with you to complete the process on your behalf. We work for you.


1. What are the qualifications to become a QME?


QME's must be certified by the Division of Workers’ Compensation – Medical Unit to examine injured workers. To become a certified QME, a physician must pass an exam (given twice annually), pass a report writing course and submit an application to the DWC. AME's do not need to be certified to examine injured workers.​

2. What type of services does MEMSCO provide to doctors?


MEMSCO is a full service medical-legal practice management company dedicated to providing our doctors with all the administrative support they need to run a successful med-legal practice. Our services include:

✔  Exam office location selection and registration with the DWC as needed and promptly

✔  Scheduling and complete coordination after the panel selection process

✔  Timely preparation of all required forms, notices, and appointment scheduling

✔  Record management and conversion from paper to digital

✔  Digital presentation and hot linking from the summarized document to the originals

✔  Transcription of your dictated report with a few acceptable dictation methods

✔  Report review, editing, and completion assistance until ready for submission

✔  Workflow tracking for all critical events, for all parties involved

✔  HIPAA compliant storage of all work products, schedules, workflow, etc.

✔  Final report preparation and agreement on the claim to be billed

✔  Transparency for you on all of your records

✔  Expert billing and collection procedures

3. Where are the medical evaluations performed?


Medical Evaluations are performed from any number of MEMSCO office locations, you're own office, and/or by virtual telemedicine appointments when the parties agree. The DWC allows for each Qualified Medical Evaluator ("QME") to register up to ten (10) office locations. MEMSCO will perform a detailed analysis to determine by specialty where the best area's appear to office. Best could be defined as what works for you or what's closest to home for the injured worker. MEMSCO will gladly provide its opinion and experience making these selections.


PQME panels are determined by QME specialty and offices located closest to the injured workers home. This makes for an interesting selection process and MEMSCO strives to eliminate the guesswork through it sophisticated analytical approach. 

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